HOPE: Just a Few Words on Hope.

I wrote something on my facebook last night and wanted to expound on it a little further because I think it’s an important topic to be discussed. Here’s what I said…

“I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the beauty the world was meant to overflow with in the past couple months. And when I try to reconcile that with how things actually are… I’m overcome with sadness.

On the other hand, it reminds me that my hope isn’t in some far off place, that hope must work itself out in the here and now. It’s our responsibility to live as though dreams could become reality, that light always overcomes darkness.”

Here’s the thing: the world was meant for beautiful relationships. The relationships between humans and humans, humans and nature, and between humans and God were meant to work perfectly and beautifully. There was meant to be an overflow of joy and love, that was the whole point of this marble floating around the universe. And we’ve wrecked it. We allow children to go hungry because our own wants go ahead of the world’s needs. We allow sexuality to define who we are and use it to sell cheap beer. Yes, we take something that was meant to be the ultimate expression of love between two humans, the mingling of souls and cheapen it to a marketing ploy to try and gain some extra percentage of market share. We think guns and war are the only way to secure peace. We build empires that wield extreme amounts of power and squander it. That’s the world we live in… a far cry from what it could be, what it should be.

But there is hope. There is a way back to beauty. Christians sometimes get a bad rap (sometimes, deservedly so) for hoping/believing in a far off heaven and therefore use it as an excuse to disengage with the here and now. But the tenants of Christianity actually speak against that type of mentality. The idea is that Christians are now a called people, that is called by God to be a part of his work, in the same way that Israel was a called people. Christianity teaches that in the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Kingdom of God was inaugurated here on Earth. Being a called people means to actively engage in culture as bringers of that kingdom. And so we have no excuse to sit idly by waiting for some far off place. We have a responsibility to work out our hope with our own hands. I’d challenge anyone reading this to take ten or fifteen minutes and just dream. Dream of how the world should be… we all might have different ideas of what that will look like but I’d bet that everyone sees things in their head that stand in stark contrast to the way things are today.

But why not? Why can’t things be restored to original glory, why can’t we function in a way that all of life points to the beauty it was meant to show? Let us be dreamers. Let us be workers. Let us be kingdom-bringers. Let us pursue truth and beauty. I’m trying to fight for that in my own life, and I hope you might step up beside me.


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