Sir Ken Robinson on Education

This is a video from a few years ago but so much of it still holds up. Sir Ken Robinson is an expert in education and creativity and can communicate the need for change in such a great way. This video exposes the problems facing our society in regards to education. These are the types of progressive ideas that will lead to a change in our educational system that will produce great thinkers. This one’s only 12 minutes long, but if you want some extended ideas on the topic, I’d very much recommend his TED talk (Here)

3 responses to “Sir Ken Robinson on Education

  1. This is really interesting. Robinson Seems to identify the tip of the iceberg and the root of the problem at once (to crudely mix natural phenomena metaphors). How do you think it would be possible to restructure the education system to allow for students to be grouped more efficiently and for the utilization of practices that make more sense? Would a group of private schools have to adopt these methods and prove their success before they became the norm?

    • I think that’s a huge part of every problem we try to find solutions for, that is, to overcome the flawed infrastructures of the past. I think you see it with clean energy, with politics, with education, and so on. The vast infrastructures don’t easily allow for change even when it’s absolutely necessary. I think your last question really gets at HOW it would need to happen with small organizations proving its success.

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