Feedback Request: What’s Wrong With The World?

We’d really like to hear from some of you. This site is both a space for us to share our ideas as well as a place for meaningful discussion to take place. So, what we’d like to know is, “What do you think is the greatest problem facing our society?“. That could be taken as global, national or local because we all see problems at each level. Hopefully, some of your ideas and observations will spark some conversations and ideas for our own featured posts. Because we’re just getting rolling, it’s important to us for you to engage with what we’re doing here (otherwise we’re just a couple of guys babbling on).

So this is our first official feedback request:
Please, won’t you let us know what you think the greatest problem facing our society is?


3 responses to “Feedback Request: What’s Wrong With The World?

  1. People. Don’t get me wrong, we have huge potential for incredible good and amazing feats, but without us the world does not really have problems as I feel you mean in the question. Too broad? I know this shows my worldview but I really believe humans are currently flawed, and that causes our problems.

    • Yeah, I think in the broadest sense people are the biggest problem facing society. The question becomes how can we harness the potential for good in overcoming the problems we cause.

      • That is the struggle, and a daily one for all of us. I think the potential for good is unlocked in unselfish acts, and bad then comes from selfish acts. That is the simplest way I can think to put it.

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