The Jelly Bean Life


On average, that’s how many days we have in our lifetime, 28,835. Staying on the theme of time, the following video uses jelly beans to visualize just how much time we have to live. It’s an incredibly thought-provoking video that uses research on average time spent on certain activities and how much free time we actually end up with. When you take out adolescence, sleeping, eating, working, commuting, and all of the things that you can’t avoid in your life, you will have just 2,740 days left. That’s 7.5 years of free time out of the 79 years we live to on average, just 9.5%.

The video brings up one question that I think will really resonate with a lot of us, “How much of that time have you already spent worrying rather than doing something you love?”

And that’s a sucker punch of a question when you pull it all together. You have just 9.5% of your life that isn’t already committed to some activity or another and you can either waste that time worrying/complaining or you can spend that time pursuing something you love and trying to make a difference in the world. I have yet to meet a single person that believes all is right with the world, that American and global culture is right on track, that the political and economic systems in place throughout the world are working perfectly as they should. So how can we take our 2,740 jelly beans and move towards correcting the wrongs we’re faced with daily?

**EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t embed the video correctly, should be working now.**

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