About Us

Welcome to Progress + Problems

The Motivation

We’re here because we believe that between Facebook memes and highly polarized news media there is dire need for the rediscovery of civil discourse. There is a need to understand that true progress comes from relationships that challenge our thoughts and assumptions. Progress and Problems hinges on the idea that people can disagree about certain social issues and remain close friends. It also celebrates approaching these issues from a thoughtful, rational and genuine perspective.

We see a problem in the way things are so flippantly addressed through Facebook or in conversations at the coffee shop or bar. A lot of “answers” seem born out of an adherence to a political ideology (“I’m a republican so the democratic president can do nothing good” or “I’m a democrat so all of these republican supporters are just ignorant and hateful”) rather than being born out of a true weighing out of both sides of an argument to come to an informed decision. This evident trend is harmful and toxic to a society such as ours navigating this moment in history and this is one drop in the bucket in an attempt to make true progress a reality.

What You’ll Find

What you’ll find here is a collection of essays, book and movie reviews, conversations, links, videos and much more from the minds of two guys who want to engage the problems facing our world. The two of us come from different backgrounds and different worldviews with differing opinions on a wide variety of topics and that will serve all of us well as we hope to inspire dialogue and civil discourse. It is almost a guarantee that you will come up against opinions that you disagree with and we hope you’ll use this as an opportunity to thoughtfully assess what that person is saying and interact with the community we have here to find your own voice.

Featured vs. Weekly

The Featured Content are our longer stories and will be added once or twice each month. These are usually more in depth pieces requiring research and planning. We’ve got some really great ideas for how to make the monthly featured content engaging and unique. The Weekly Content are our shorter pieces that will be added two or three times per week. Links to videos, podcasts, articles, and anything else that we find interesting and helpful for our discussion of both progress and problems. Take some time to explore each and be sure to follow us on twitter or by email so you don’t miss a single post!

What’s The Point?

The whole point is to bring our society back to an environment of discussion and dialogue that seems to be fading. It used to be commonplace to go to the pub and have conversations that were meaty, that had depth, and in a lot of ways we’ve become a shallow generation. The point is to pursue depth alongside one another in a meaningful way.

If you have any ideas of how we could improve the experience here, please email us at progressandproblems@gmail.com

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