Two Americans: Free Online Film Screening

Are you interested in the immigration debate and immigration reform in the state of Arizona. Then check out this free screening of a documentary exploring Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s policies and their impact on the Latino community in Arizona.

You can watch it free until the 17th online at
Later this week, I’ll have some of my own thoughts on the film.


3 responses to “Two Americans: Free Online Film Screening

  1. The immigration situation in my opinion will always be a highly controversial issue. In one hand you have cases such as represented in the film of a narcissist, intolerant sheriff versus a hardworking family. But as hispanics we are also aware of other cases where some of our own people take too much advantage of the American government. In my opinion, I would welcome a reform but only to those that are willing to contribute and help America, and ultimately call it their home. Thanks for the link to the movie.

    • Jose, thanks for your comment here. You mentioned that you’d like to see reform that applies only to certain hispanics, do you think it would ever be possible to put forth immigration reform that somehow separated the “contributers” and the “users” of the American society? Maybe it would be tied in with a work program? Where you’d have to have steady employment or somehow prove that you’re a contributor?

      • Hey Kurtis, Thanks for the link to the movie! And yes in my point of view there should be a reform with certain requirements that would be able to separate “contributors” vs “users”. It could possibly be tied with a work program, but I think definitely everyone should be required to learn the english language, and quit all the medicaid, ebt, food stamps,well fare, or any other programs sponsored by the Government. We should show that we come here to better ourselves through opportunity and hard work.

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